Urban Golf 09 Kick Off!


Its time to play!

On April 11th we plan on holding our …. in the teens urban golf tournament/bar’hop over in the North East/ South East industrial area of Portland (think Burnside to Hawthorn area). The course consists of 9 holes in the finest industrial landscape pdx has to offer with the drinker in mind. No host libations will be available on 4 maybe 5 of the 13 holes as well as the unsuspecting brown bag bounds. A map of the course will be available the week prior the tee off date and will be available at hole 1. Hole 1 starts at NE 15th (Sandy) and Davis right in front of VooDoo Doughnuts 2 … Please try and use public transportation. Free street parking is available. Look at the signs to make sure its free on Saturdays. 12:30 pm tee time.

What you will need:

1. Golf Club or clubs. Clubs can be purchased at any thrift store for under $2.

2. 3-6 colored tennis balls. Don’t get your balls mixed up with someone else’s. Paint or use a marker to give them your unique mark.

3. Golf attire. I’ll leave it at that.

4. Max/Bus fare (If you ride it)


1. Keep score

2. If you loose a ball, add one stroke.

3. That’s it….

Things to keep in mind….

1. Respect the urban landscape. Don’t leave trash behind.

2. Don’t be rude. Please try not to ruin this for us.

3. If you ruin/loose your $1200 set of clubs. This is your fault and not the responsibility of nw urban sports.

4. Have fun.


One thought on “Urban Golf 09 Kick Off!

  1. Bobby says:

    We recently opened and want to get on your list of places aka holes sometime.
    102 ne Russell
    PDX, OR 97212
    503 553-9854 cell

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