Flags for pdx WUGD'09

Flags for pdx WUGD'09

In a couple of hours it will all start.

A group of friends will gather in Wellington New Zealand , distribute a course map and tee off into the rain, not that this will stop them from having a good time, but bring their community closer. This group of friends will be playing in the inaugural game that will launch a 14 country, 42 city World Urban Golf Tournament.

When the West Coast of the US is getting ready to sit down for dinner tonight, the Sydney and Melbourne crews will be teeing off. A few hours after that, we move across the Indian ocean were the city of Johannesburg will join us for the first time. We welcome you!

We move across Europe to the US were the West Coast will be the last group to join the fun, 17 hours after it all started.

Good luck to everyone playing, have fun and be safe! We are a global community that stands true to our sport and our friends.


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