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World Urban Golf Day 7

World Urban Golf Day 7

Finalizing some of the stops… 12 PM Tee time. NW 18th & Quimby= Hole 1.
Meet and great at Quimby’s on NW 19th and Quimby. Map will available by morning with a possible Wednesday night warm up…


I’ve been way busy!

Sorry, I wish I could say I had been slacking..
3 PM start at Le Merde (Montage) for a new SE industrial course.
Figure some road, some gravel, some grass and maybe a little sidewalk…
I will bring the maps.

World Urban Golf Day Four

World Urban Golf Day Four

World Urban Golf Day Four

September 18.2010
Pdx map will be out mid week.
Want to join in…. let us know and we will add you to the list!




Fore! Urban golf comes to Halifax
Haligonians embrace the latest hip sport, where being unathletic and ill equipped is par for the course. Anna Duckworth swings into action.


Great press out of Newcastle Australia

World Urban Golf Day 2010

World Urban Golf Day 2010 Newcastle

Woody Starting Friday August 5th!


Every Friday night until…?