World Urban Golf Day 2008

World Urban Golf Day 2008

World Urban Golf Day 2008

World Urban Golf Day 2008

September 20 (some locations the 21st)

How it came to be…

It started off as a conversation between three cities that perhaps none believed would in the end encompass so many and has now turned into an event that over 12 countries will be involved in. Who would have thought that a bunch of urban golfers could organize such an event; we did.

At first, the cities of Caldas da Rainha Portugal, Paris France and
Portland (Ore) in the United States where involved. While looking into the huge amount of people that play the sport throughout the world, it became clear that we needed to involve as many urban golfers/clubs as possible. We began to converse with urban golf groups from around the world by contacting them through the web and MySpace, and from there it took off. Type ‘urban golf’ into any search engine and over 200 links/pages come up of groups or clubs, past tournaments and video and pictures, all revolving around the sport.

This year we are not sure how many cities will be participating in their version of Urban Golf. What is Urban Golf you ask, imagine regular ole’ golf with a twist and a tennis ball. We play on the streets of cosmopolitan areas, in neighborhoods, on college campuses, in parks and in industrial wastelands. Holes can be any inanimate object and the length might be determined by watering holes, roadside attractions, busy streets and of course the law. There are no set rules that govern the sport or standardized equipment. A few aspects that are true to the sport no matter what country it is being played in are the feel of community among players and more than anything the love of the alternative sport itself.

So where can you see or play Urban Golf…

In the US:

NW Urban Sports, Portland (Ore.)-

San Diego Urban Golf-


St Petersburg (Fla.)


Other places around the globe…

Caldas da Rainha Portugal-

Paris, France- search for: Le19èmeTrou streetgolfteam

Bordeaux, Aquitaine France-

Newcastle, New South Wales Australia-

Utrecht, Netherlands-

More in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium

We are still in the process of collecting all names of cities that will be involved this year. For more information on cities playing on the 20nd please check out our site at:

Don’t see your city? There are many more not listed here. Contact us for details on how to get something started in your city.

World Urban Golf Day

What you will need:

1. Golf Club or clubs. Clubs can be purchased at any thrift store for under $2.

2. 3-6 colored tennis balls. Don’t get your balls mixed up with someone else’s. Paint or use a marker to give them your unique mark.

3. Golf attire. I’ll leave it at that.

PDF available through link below

PDF available through link below

Portland World Urban Golf Day 2008

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